DDA Aligner Design Service - Upper/Lower/Mixed


DDA Aligners

Are you looking to produce Orthodontic Clear Aligners in house in the dental surgery?

Are you tired of your Dental Clear Aligners costing a fortune?

The DDA Aligner Service by DDA Lab will allow you to send your digital impressions and receive back a set of aligner models ready to print and produce your own aligners quickly, simply and accurately.

N.B Pricing is PER CASE

- Upper/Lower/Mixed

- ANY Complexity

- Around 3-5 day turnaround depending on complexity.

We use well experienced and highly regarded Lab technicians using specialist orthodontic movement software to calculate and move the teeth in a safe and predictable manner.

What you will receive;

- An IPR/Movement Guide

- A link to our NEW Online 3D Movement Visualiser to see the steps of each movement and watch the transformation take place. Great for discussion of actual movements with the patient.

- Downloadable 3D Models to print each step.



Includes FREE refinement!

- 1x Refiner sessions FREE if treatment goes off track
- Refiners must be within expected timeline of previous aligners plus 4 weeks. Ie 2-4 weeks per aligner. Eg 5 aligners =24 weeks
- Refinement after free period or after 1 free session requires full re-case design.

Upload your opposing stl models during check out.




N.B. It is the responsibility of the clinician to approve;

- The proposed movements.

- The proposed IPR.

- The production of the aligners using the STL Models either in house or via a production lab.


To use this service, you are agreeing that you;

- Have completed a DDA Aligner Training Course (or approved partner training) and have received a certificate for completion of training.

- Take full responsibility as a qualified Dental Clinician in the prescription, production and use of orthodontic clear aligners.

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