Are you looking to produce Orthodontic Clear Aligners in house in the dental surgery?

Are you tired of your Dental Clear Aligners costing a fortune?

The DDA Aligner Service by DDA Lab will allow you to send your digital impressions and receive back a set of aligner models ready to print and produce your own aligners quickly, simply and accurately.

We use well experienced and highly regarded Lab technicians using specialist orthodontic movement software to calculate and move the teeth in a safe and predictable manner 

With DDA Aligners, transforming smiles has never been easier. Send us your digital impressions and receive a complete set of aligner models, ready for you to print and create your own aligners with precision and ease.

🔥 What’s New? 🔥
💰 HUGE SAVINGS: Our pricing is now PER CASE, unlimited in size, helping you save up to 50%!
👌 VERSATILITY: Catering to Upper/Lower/Mixed cases and ANY complexity.
📈 ACCURACY: Our service ensures quick, simple, and accurate results every time.

🎁 What You Receive:
1️⃣ IPR/Movement Guide: For precise and guided tooth movement.
2️⃣ NEW Online 3D Movement Visualiser: A tool to view and discuss each step of the transformation with your patients, ensuring clarity and confidence in the process.
3️⃣ Downloadable 3D Models: Easy-to-print models for each step of the aligner journey.

Get ready to elevate your practice and provide exceptional results with DDA Aligners. Let’s create beautiful smiles together! 🌟

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