Clear Aligners


Are you looking to produce Orthodontic Clear Aligners in house in the dental surgery?

Are you tired of your Dental Clear Aligners costing a fortune?

The DDA Aligner Service by DDA Lab will allow you to send your digital impressions and receive back a set of aligner models ready to print and produce your own aligners quickly, simply and accurately.

We use well experienced and highly regarded Lab technicians using specialist orthodontic movement software to calculate and move the teeth in a safe and predictable manner 

CLEAR ALIGNER PRODUCTION - Powered By Active Aligners;

If you would rather have the DDA Lab print your STL and create a boxed set of aligners you can purchase these here.

You should use this service AFTER you have received back your files from the DDA Aligner service.
Pricing is dependent on severity and number of aligners required and is powered by Active Aligners.

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