Clear Aligner Refiner & Essix Retainer Production - Powered by Active Aligners





You should use this service AFTER you have received back your files from the DDA Aligner service.

Pricing is dependent on severity and number of aligners required.

Production is powered by Active Aligners


What are Active Aligners?

Active Aligners is a company run for Dentists, by Dentists. Working with us, you can confidently tackle cases including misalignment from second premolar to second premolar, crowding and spacing. Active Aligners provide a modern alternative to traditional braces. With laboratory fees lower than many competitors, Active Aligners deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

Strong and durable, all our aligners come with a 2mm straight trim-line backed by clinical research (Cowley, Mah and O”Toole, 2012). This gives the quality you demand and the versatility you need.

It’s simple to become a provider; there is no financial commitment or minimum case-load. 

Use your own intraoral scanner to send cases to our online platform. 

Why use Active Aligners

Here are some reasons to become a customer:

  • Great support. Our customer service personnel are UK based and you can benefit from the experience of our treatment coordinator
  • Quality training. You are not locked-in to a patient starter course. Customers get free online access to our accreditation course
  • Business growth. Introducing Active Aligners can attract more patients to the practice, increase staff utilisation/motivation and grow your margin
  • Flexible packaging. Our split packaging and accessories kit help facilitate payment in instalments and management of practice visits
  • Fast delivery. We pride ourselves on efficiencies through the entire supply chain with delivery 14 working days from acceptance of the treatment plan.

To find out more about Active Aligners, please click here

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