Surgical Guide Design and 3D Print Production from ExoPLAN (Upto 3 Implants)

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( Dentist Sends Completed Treatment Plan, We Design Guide based on plan and print Guide with surgical resin.)

Cost: £140


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Details about this service: 

This service is for dentists who prepared a digital treatment plan in ExoPLAN and would now like to order the surgical guide. 

This service includes printing the surgical guide only and does not include any aspect of planning. 

This service does not include: treatment planning, reviewing the treatment plan, making any changes to the treatment plan or the exported STL file, or inserting the metal cylinders.

Please Note:

Surgery Date

We are not liable if you book your surgery date, please refrain from booking until case is received back.


We are not liable for your planning. Your planning files will not be amended. All responsibility for use of the guide rests with the clinician.


We are not liable for your disinfection, storage or use of the guide. Appropriate training should be undertaken to understand guided surgery and the subsequent usage of a guide.

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