GUIDED SMILE CONCEPT - ANY SCAN PLAN - Use ANY Scanner, INC Smile Creator, £200/Month

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This plan includes;

Use ANY Scanner with the Guided Smile Concept

(Design Service, Smile Creator INCLUDED, NO licence fees)

What commitment is there?

With GUIDED SMILE CONCEPT SCAN PLAN there is a minimum commitment of £200 spend on DESIGN and PRODUCTION services via per month
  • DDA aligner case design service
  • CAD Design Services
  • CAM Manufacturing Services
  • Implant Guide Design and production
  • Implant Guide 3D Print production
ExoCAD Smile Creator Dongle INCLUDED
Yearly licence fees INCLUDED (During Subscription)
The commitment can be a combination of any of the above but must be at least £200 worth of lab use per month. 
You will be charged £200 per month for a minimum term of 12 months.

How will the commitment charge be included in the invoice?

Every month you will be invoiced for the design services you use.
On each invoice you will have a deduction for the minimum subscription charge.
For example, if you use £360 in design services and your minimum commitment is £200 you will be billed £160.
Payment terms of invoices are due to be paid within 14 days.

The new Guided Smile Concept workflow;

Instead of the usual lab prescription, delivery then fit, we want to make this process more interactive so that you can provide not only a more streamlined and cost effective workflow for your practice expenses, but also involve YOU in the design process.
We realise that the majority of dentists - digitally scanning or otherwise - are conflicted between wanting to involve themselves more with CAD and having the time or skill to do this.
This is where our new remote design service added with Exocad smile creator will come in and how it will be different to any other remote service out there.
You will scan, then have optional access to Smile Creator to mockup your tooth/teeth/smile design, and then pass this on to our lab techs through exocad dental share who will then finish the cad design according to what you and the patient have shown/designed.
Of course with this new workflow you won’t HAVE to use smile creator. If youre in a rush, simply scan and send for cad design. But we think with our support you’ll be using smile creator on a regular basis.
The benefit to you as a clinician is that you can then show the patient this mockup at the point of scan, quickly and easily, to give them a better consent process without having to worry about fit, contact points, occlusal adjustments etc. All of those finer details our lab techs will sort out.
Marking margins, insertion axis, cad design… we do the difficult work but you can show and WOW the patient with the mockup phase to really connect with how the patient wants his or her teeth to look. Tooth library shapes, etc all easily chosen with the patient at hand.
This will be open to designs from single teeth to full arch smile design.

This design stage will then come back to you giving you the option to mill in house, mill with us or mill externally.
We can even send you back printed model mockups ready for composite bonding or trial smiles.

If it hasn’t become apparent, we think this will be revolutionary for you in the same way that clincheck is good for orthodontics with an Itero. You show the patient an estimated look but you dont do any of the work in production.
This process will act as a sales tool as well as improving your patient discussion and consent.
It will also mean that you can improve the predictability in practice in providing restorations that more closely resemble the initial mockup/trial smile.
The other added benefit to smile creator, is the ability to output the designs to print directly with a printer in tooth colour for same day trial smiles without even sending back to us. (We can teach you how to do this on our 3d printing course)

Training days
If youre wondering how you’ll know how to use all of this. Dont worry. 
You can attend a Smile Creator roadshow soon where we will train ALL of the above workflow.
As trial participants you’ll be coming to one of these free of charge to make sure that you get the very best results.

Remote service costs;
Please see the design services across this site.