ExoCAD Standalone Model & Smile Creator Modules

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To use this product you must already have the ChairsideCAD core product

  • Annual fee from year 2 – £800 + VAT to include updates and support
  • Create physical models from digital impression scans
  • Quick and easy to use


Model Creator

Both the design of models with detachable segments (using premanufactured bases) and the design of monolithic models (where the prepared die is either removable or a separate check die) are supported.

Combined with our Implant Module, Model Creator enables you to create models with lab analogues and removable gingiva masks.

Smile Creator

Create added value with Smile Creator – exocad’s innovative in-CAD smile design solution for predictable aesthetic smile makeovers.

Integrated into the ChairsideCAD platform, Smile Creator empowers you to reliably create prosthetically feasible esthetic designs thanks to our innovative 2D/3D technology.

By combining patient photos, outlines and 3D situations, aesthetic relationships between teeth, smile and face can be evaluated. Patient photos are automatically converted to 3D objects, which are then matched to the 3D scans of the teeth. This offers dentists and dental technicians a realistic perspective for a restorative treatment plan. In addition to greater control over the outcome, this improves communication between dental labs, dentists and patients.

Thanks to its guided workflows and extensive features, Smile Creator is an intuitive, yet powerful digital planning solution for cosmetic dentistry.