DDA Aligner Refinement

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Free Refinement Conditions;

N.B. This is for refinement of an existing case ONLY and on the following conditions;

- Refinement should be undertaken ONLY if the case isnt tracking if mid treatment.

- If the case is mid treatment and requires refinement, please ensure the IPR report has been followed.

- If mid treatment and the uploaded scan matches the number previously designed for the next step and no refinement is found to be necessary to keep on track then no refiners will be advised and you should continue to use the next STLs initially produced.,

- If end of treatment, the max refinement allowed is 2 refinement sessions with new STLs designed. After 2 refinement sessions, you must purchase a new design service.

- If end of treatment, refinement must commence within 3 months of expected end of treatment. After 3 months, you must purchase a new design service.



Upload your opposing stl models during check out.

Within 7 days you will receive back;

- A set of ready to print DDA Aligner Refinement STL Models


N.B. It is the responsibility of the clinician to approve;

- The proposed movements.

- The proposed IPR.

- The production of the aligners using the STL Models either in house or via a production lab.


To use this service, you are agreeing that you;

- Have completed a DDA Aligner Training Course (or approved partner training) and have received a certificate for completion of training.

- Take full responsibility as a qualified Dental Clinician in the prescription, production and use of orthodontic clear aligners.

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