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  • Annual fee from year 2 – £680 + VAT
  • Perpetual License: The Perpetual License is a permanent license that is valid indefinitely. With an optional upgrade contract, you can benefit from continuous improvements and ensure your software is always up to date. In addition, you can also activate add-on modules (at additional cost) and access dentalshare free of charge. You can cancel the upgrade contract at any time without incurring additional cost and thus reduce your running cost. The Perpetual License ensures that you always have everything you need to work – regardless of your financial situation. This is the right license model if you prefer long-term planning security.
  • Base product to allow the chairside design of various different types of dental restorations
  • Includes Security dongle, remote installation and remote training in Year 1 as well as telephone/remote software support for 12 months

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